Yellow Basilicon Ointment People's Experiences

It is proving very popular. Please note you can only get our Yellow Basilicon ointment, online from here or in person by calling into our Herbal Dispensary in Pateley Bridge. If you do not have a paypal account or credit card and want to purchase some Yellow Basilicon Ointment contact us on 01423 712126.

Here are a few things people have told us about their experiences with Yellow Basilicon Ointment. These are all from genuine letters and e mails we have received.



Hello John,

Thanks for the shipment of your product: Yellow Basilicon Ointment

I was born in 1945 and grew up with basilicon ointment as a household item. My mother often brought it out for infections and boils. I had three older sisters who had spots and boils from time to time, and it was usually the yellow ointment or a poultice that was the suggested and successful remedy. I have lived without it four forty years, but a recent abnormal and problematic infection on my third finger prompted me to search for Basilicon ointment online, as it is nowhere available in the 'chemist' nowadays. In short, a couple of days with your ointment sorted it out, and all is now healed and clean.

Thank you.  M


Thank you for sending the Basilicon ointment.

Basilicon ointment, a yellow tube, was always in our medicine cabinet at home when I was a child, some 70 years ago. My Mother used it whenever we had a splinter, or thorn in our fingers, or a grazed knee with gritty bits in it. As we got older we used it as we got blind spots, she always reached for the ‘drawing cream’. When my daughter said she kept getting blind spots, I said what you need is Basilicon ointment, and imagine how pleased I was to find you on the internet. I will keep half the pot for myself and the grandchildren, and the other half I will send to her. I hope it works as well as it did all those years ago!

Sally O.


Hello John,

Many thanks for the Yellow Basilicon.I am 80years old and when I was about 7ish suffered from boils and I remember my mother putting this ointment on me to draw out the puss. It was also used to withdraw deep splinters.My wife had a deep splinter in her foot recently which reminded me of the ointment.

Kind regards



My mother always had basilican ointment in her medicine chest, this
was 80 years ago she treated her children when they had boils,
splinters etc successfully.

 I’m 79years when what should appear on my shoulder a boil ,thinking
back to mums tin of ointment,

I wondered if it was still around, not finding it in the shops, I took
to the internet and there you where

 Thankyou for the nostalgic visit and the ointment successfully used.

 Mrs JL


We always had a tin of the ointment at home where I grew up, it was on
a small holding in Essex. We had to cut the hawthorn hedges back
regularly. I was always getting thorns in my hands, Yellow basilicon
was always used to remove these thorns. Also worked with metal and
small metal splinters were also removed. If we got an infection in a
finger a few days use of the ointment would always put things right.

Best Regards

John R.



After treating a nasty boil, ( not mine) with all the modern
treatments, and 1 Dr visit, and 2 hospital visits for the boil to be
cut out. In desperation as it started to pus up again, I ordered the remedy of my youth from you.Wonderful, it took over a week, but saved any more pain and heartache.
As good as it ever was. Thank you.



Mr Earnshaw

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Basilicon ointment. I am 81 and
my parents used basilicon on cuts etc that could become infected with
sucessful results, and I have used it always myself but nearly ran out
until we found your site. Simple yet very effective, being an avid
vegetable grower I am always getting cuts abrasions and
splinters.Would not be without it. 



Dear Mr Earnshaw,
Thank you for my pot of yellow Basilicon ointment which arrived today. Re your request for my experience in using this ointment I can offer the following. I am 63 years old and this ointment was a feature of my childhood, getting splinters in fingers always involved using this or my mum digging them out with a sterilised needle. We always preferred the ointment! It seemed to work like magic. An ancient pot of the stuff was in my mums medicine cabinet until she died 2 years ago and was used whenever anyone in the family needed a recalcitrant splinter removing. I assumed that it would be easily available so threw the pot out, little did I know that it is no longer stocked in pharmacies. I was so grateful to find it on your website as in my experience nothing else works quite so well at getting splinters out.
Thank you


Dear John

Amazing !! My husband, who was a carpenter for all his working life and now 68 had an annoying Hawthorn thorn in a finger. Used to splinters, both wood and metal, he tried his usual method of digging with a sterilised needle to no avail over the past 2 weeks.
I remarked that my mother would have said he needed some basilicon ointment but I didn't think we'd still be able to buy it.
Found your website and immediately purchased some which arrived very promptly - Thank you ! My sceptical husband applied it twice over the last 24 hours and was astonished when it just emerged ! He couldn't believe it and it will certainly always be handy in future !

Thanks again - would certainly recommend it to anyone !

Regards Lyn and Richard


Dear John,

I am sending this email on behalf of my mother who purchesed some yellow basilicon ointment on the 3rd sept 2015. in the letter you have requested experiences on using the ointment, both myself and my mother have used it for years its brilliant for " DRAWING" things like splinters, thorns, dog hairs from your skin, the jar we were using was a really old jar and didnt think it was made anymore until i googled it and it brought your web site up, so thats why we ordered 2 pots.
many thanks for making such a brilliant product and my first aid kit will never be without it .

 Miss L J A                     


Dear Mr Earnshaw,
This may be one of the odder response you've had to the query about what people use your ointment for, but I am a historical reenactor who represents a c15th barber-surgeon. Basilicon ointment is mentioned in Guy de Chauliac's c14th textbook on surgery as one of the basic ointments the surgeon should carry with him in his 'ready bag', so your ointment (suitably repotted in a ceramic vessel correct for period) forms part of my display. Given the fact that my living history household includes woodcarvers and people chopping logs for firewood, I expect to be called upon to use it for real too!
Best wishes,


Hi John

With reference to the use of Basilicon, this was an ointment that I
grew up with in the seventies. My parents used it for boils,
hangnails, cuts, drawing out splinters and anything that looked like
it had gone 'funny'!
I'm intending to use it for the same things! Hope this helps.
Kind regards,


Hi John  Thank you for the Basilicon Ointment.  I was given some many years ago to draw out a stone embedded in a daughters knee.

It worked.  I suffer from insect bites (lucky me) which never seem to heal as the blighters seem to leave a present for me. It is the only remedy I know off that actually draws out impurities and helps healing.  Thanks again  Regards Sandra


I'm a keen gardener and use yellow Basilicon on any thorn pricks, splinters or cuts which become sore. Treatment  gives improvement within 12 hours or overnight. It has pulled out deep splinter fragments when I once fell and made the mistake of grabbing at a rose to stop myself from falling. I also use Yellow Basilcon to encourage healing of knife cuts from the kitchen. I would'nt be without it!


Hi John  

 I was first introduced to Yellow Basilican ointment by my grandmother, who had used this old remedy for many, many years.   Now, at last (and having reached her age!!) I have been able to replace the very last pot of ointment I had in my medicine cabinet for many years with Earnshaws product, and I can truthfully say that this ointment is remarkable in the drawing of any infected wound.   I had, up until now used this ointment for any scratch from gardening to, as your notes imply, splinters etc., etc.   Thank you Earnshws Dispensary, long may you continue to give us the old natural remedies.  



Hello John
Thank you for my order for Yellow Basilicon ointment I received yesterday. You asked me for feedback with experiences of how we use this ointment and hope the information helps you.
My mother always had three 'favourites' in her medical cabinet, 1-Snowfire for chilblains and chapped hands and feet, 2-Jelonet for cuts and grazes and 3- Basilicon ointment. My father was an engineer and was always getting minute metal splinters in his fingers and relied on Basilicon to draw them out. He always said 'that stuff would draw the money out of your pockets'. I believe the ointment was also used for boils and small wounds that had gone septic. 
I too, keep these favourites for the same reasons and find Basilcon to be the best for 'drawing out' splinters and excellent for those small septic wounds and have passed this knowledge onto both my daughters. The problem we have now is finding somewhere where can purchase the Basilicon, it seems to be one of those long forgotten things, hence the order from yourself for which we are all grateful.
I have since learned that Basilicon ointment can also be used to help chapped hands and feet. I think it's just a shame it's not a more well known product, the old fashion products are always the best.
Kind regards


Dear John,

  Thank you for the exceptionally prompt delivery of Basilicon. You asked for past/present uses for it ............. I've lost track of it for decades! AAAGGGHHH!!!!

  When I was a nipper, I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle's smallholding, they'd just over 4 acres of land on which we went semi wild! I'd thorns, splinters, metal shards, bruises etc. galore. I was the accident that happened, not the one waiting to happen! My aunt kept a 'medicine tin'. For bruises, Heath + Heather's Marshmallow Ointment.  

For intrusive 'anythings', Basilicon was the remedy.

A small tin, a small daub applied with (for the 'wounded soldier') a small bandage (which gave 'bragging power' next day at school!!). Then after a miraculously short period of discomfort, 'foreign object' disappeared, and bandage removed - as was 'bragging power'!! The tin lasted for ages, then was replaced. (I think they knew that I was in dire need!) Eventually, the ointment became far too hard to use (I needed it's efficacy too often!), so my uncle used to hold the tin up in front of a very old fashioned electric fire to soften it, apply it, and with same semi-miraculous results. Doubtless 'elf an' safety would now apply use by dates, but in the late 1940's, 1950's and very early 1960's, who had heard of them?  

Decades later (when I was 'semi grown up') I needed a drawing ointment. My aunt and uncle were long gone. I asked everwhere for Basilicon. I was looked on as an alien from outer space! (What's that?) The only place I could find it was in the cases of rural museums.  I tried any and every supposed 'drawing ointment' from pharmacies, health stores and wherever. Totally useless, all of them.  

Completely by chance, a few nights ago, I 'Googled' Basilicon. (Don't ask me why!) I couldn't believe it when your website appeared!!!! You claimed that it was the original recipe. Forgive me, I was sceptical. The aroma (I'd used it so often) was ingrained in me. Yes, it IS the original recipe. I've no immediate use for it, but am SO thankful that it's now part MY 'medicine tin'.  

Thank you so much!



Dear John
Thank you for so quickly despatching my wife's order.  In terms of her Basilicon experience:
"Many moons ago, when I was a young child of 9 or 10 (I am 50 years old now) a Great Aunt came to live at my family home.  On arrival when sorting out her belongings she gave to my Mother a small, well used tin (with a red lid and italic writing!) of yellow basilcon ointment.  Her advice to my Mother was that it should be 'used sparingly'.  My Mother estimates that at the time the tin must have been more than twenty years old so was perhaps purchased in the late 1940s or early 1950s. I remember that special ointment being used for all manner of ailments - Aunt's advice to Mother was that it's puposes was to 'draw most anything out'! My Brother and I especially relied upon this magical potion during our teenager years since we both suffered with sore, boiley skin around our noses.  We would rub a little of the ointment onto the area at bedtime and by the morning the boils would have burst and the red inflamation subsided (apologies for the graphic description!). When I left home in my twenties my Mother gave the tin to me but over the decades I mislaid it.  I am so pleased to have found a new supplier and can now pass on the magical properties of Yellow Basilcon Ointment to my children!  Well done Mr Earnshaw!!!!"
With kind regards
Graeme (& Loraine)


Hi John

I bought two jars of Yellow Basilicon Ointment from you recently, for myself and my mom.
We both used it previously, my mom having brought it to my attention years ago, we mainly used it for nail infections, for which my mom in particular was susceptible.
We were both veey disappointed when it was taken off the market, as nothing else has the same effect or impact.
Having had an infection in my knee recently prompted me to "google" Yellow Basilicon Ointment: you can imagine my delight at finding your website, with the said ointment for sale. I promptly ordered one each for us, and these were delivered in December 2011.
You asked for current uses also: my mom has been using it to soften hairs which need to be plucked, and these are so much easier now she reports.
Myself, I had a quite painful corn on my little toe, so tried the ointment. After only a few days' usage, the corn was gone, and has not returned as yet.
My little magic pot is tucked away for future uses.....
Many thanks and Kind regards


Mr Earnshaw,

Many thanks for your prompt response to my order for Yellow Basilicon Ointment it arrived am today.

My dad used this ointment way back in the 1940's - 1960's when he was a slaughterman and suffered numerous cuts and bone splinters. I myself have used but it has vanished from the chemist shelves over the years. What a relief at finding you as a source. I shall pass the word. My dad used to say "It will draw the nails out of your boots!"

Many Thanks




Hi John,you asked about uses for yellow basilcan ointment, my dear old mother-in-law introduced me to it soon after I got married 45 years ago.I have just finished the jar she gave to me. It gets used for a number of things.From cuts and grazes were gravel is in bedded in the skin to splinters and infections in cuts.Excellant stuff. I did not know where I was going to get the next jar from. Thank you.

yours gratefully



Hi – order of yellow basilicon arrived today. Great service, many thanks!

In response to your appeal for uses of the magic little salve I can hand on heart say it ’ s so useful!

For us humans it is great for drawing splinters, especially the very fine ones from thistles or wheat straw. Along a similar vein, it ’ s great on infected bites, nasty spots or cracked nail beds. And brilliant for in g r owing toenails or damage done when snipping toe nails

I use on the animals too. With the horses: for drying up horse fly bites, drawing wounds that may have grit or thorns in them, cracked heels or damage to coronary band that can turn so nasty so quickly

And a must for spaniel owners! Or anyone with a dog that suffers with interdigital cysts. I can clip, tub and poultice overnight with basilicon and my cavalier king charles spaniel will feel much better by morning.

So glad it ’ s available again – after the last little yellow tin finally ran out years ago I had asked in the chemists only to be met with blank looks …… !

All the best



Dear John Earnshaw  

Thank you for the Yellow Basilicon ointment which arrived today. I can only re-iterate what other people are saying about this magic ointment. There was always a small tin in my Mother's house.  Every year I would help Mother to pick Blackcurrents from the garden to make jam with.  Every year I used to get splinters in my fingers-where from exactly-remains a mystery.  Anyway-out came the basilcon ointment, which was slapped onto my finger with a bandage round it.  (Horrible-gooey stuff!) Sure enough the next morning-splinter was lying on top of my finger after removing bandage.  No more pain.   When I married I was given the tin, with the instructions 'Now be careful with that, because they do not make it anymore' Yes! I used it on my own children as well.   Last Saturday, I had been gardening. and noticed a very small thorn in my finger, which really hurt. Oh! I wish they had not stopped making Basilicon ointment I thought.  I then proceeded to Google it, and up popped you.  A very big Thank You for still making it!   My husband did manage to get the thorn out, after a lot of shouting from me.   Thank You, once again

Sincerely C.E



Dear Mr Earnshaw

Thank you for the quick delivery.  My Nan and Mum always used this for boils and splinters they would heat it up to make a poultice then cover the wound with a plaster and by the morning it had worked its magic. My mum has only recently thrown her tin out mainly because it had gone rusty and probably was doing more harm than good.  I have moved to the country and my children are always getting splinters and cuts and I thought it would be useful if I could get hold of it.  I searched it on Google and tried different ways of spelling it, eventually it came up. I even found a page on Face Book called Bring Back Yellow Basilicon. I was delighted to find you selling it and ordered one for myself and mum straight away. Thanks again for bringing back this old favourite.





Dear John

My husband Ray ordered the above ointment on my behalf so I am writing in reply.  My mother always used basilicon ointment for splinters and so when I married I added some to my medicine cupboard.  In those days (we have been married 40 years) it was readily available from any pharmacy.  The trouble is (for your sales)  I am only just coming to the end of the original pot which was smaller than the one I have just received!!!  You need to use so little each time.  I have to admit I have been a little mean with it over the last few years as I was told that it had become unavailable but with grandchildren now saying "Granny can you fix....." we tried the internet - and there you were.  I have used it on splinters or any infected injury that needed to be drawn - most recently an infected blister on my daughter's foot.  Overnight it took away the inflammation.  I think it is one of those unsung little miracle workers and I am so grateful that I have been able to replace my everlasting pot!!!!!  

With best wishes



Dear John,  

My experience of using basilicon ointment goes back many years (I am now 80, somewhat to my chagrin.) My mother in law lived in Penarth, South Wales, and obtained basilicon ointment from a small dispensing local chemist who made his own. She used it for any septic injury or to draw out thorns and splinters, and I retained a tiny tin of it which I kept carefully, as basilicon subsequently became unobtainable. I still have the rather stiff and sticky remnants, which I used last week to bandage a thumb that was becoming infected  because of a deeply imbedded scrap of bramble thorn. It worked well, as always, but I Googled basilicon to see if by chance anyone still produced it - and found you, to my delight.  

I come from a generation that used simple self-help for all but truly severe medical conditions, as doctors were expensive before the post-war NHS. (And may become so again, if this government has its way.) My mother had been a nurse in the '14-18 war,  and knew how to use saline and kaolin poulticing for conditions that would now be treated with antibiotics. I am not unappreciative of the modern drugs, which have saved many lives, but I still turn to the natural remedies for all minor ills, and apart from cataract operations, have not sought orthodox treatment of any kind for forty years.  

I will keep your leaflet carefully, and will no doubt be in further contact with you at some point for supplies. It's good to have made contact with you.  

Best wishes,




Dear Mr Earnshaw,  

Thank you for sending my order so quickly. I was amazed to see this advertised. I have been looking for a new tin of yellow basilicon ointment for such a long time.  Believe it or not, I have a tin (photo attached) which I got from my Mother - wait for it - around 40 years ago, it looks absolutely disgusting and you will probably tell me that I will get some disgusting disease from using it, but it still works. I use it mainly for removing splinters, and it is still amazing. Wehn nothing else works, a little basilicon on an elastoplast applied to the area and next day, splinter has emerged.   I would be interested to hear your views on my 40 year old ointment.  

Kind regards,



Dear John
Re:  Yellow Basilicon Ointment
My mother used Yellow Basilicon Ointment when we were children and I have continued to use it for all my family.  We put it on a dressing and seal  the dressing with a plaster to draw splinters, boils/infected cuts, and clean bites and stings etc.  In fact anything on the skin that looks "angry" or "infected".  If it is a particularly nasty boil or infection we heat the ointment in a spoon (over a flame) and apply it hot, always immediately covered by lint and a bandage.  It hurts initially, but oh the relief when it draws the poison out and releases the pressure. We usually leave the dressing on for around twelve hours or overnight  before inspecting and re-applying if necessary. I have known this ointment to draw a deep metal splinter when the general opinion was "you'll never get that out with a bit of ointment".  On the contrary - it drew the splinter out overnight!

  I find it be be a very stable ointment which doesn't  separate or "go off" and a little pot lasts for ages.  It is much easier to use than magnesium sulphate paste which separates and is really messy and not as effective in my opinion.

It is also very good for healing dry cracked areas, particularly around the nails and tips of the fingers. 

I would be very interested to know of any other uses for this ointment as it is so versatile that I am sure it could be used for just about anything!

Kind regards



I was delighted to receive the jar of Yellow Basilicon Ointment.   Over the years I have tried every chemist around for this product.  The item that replaces it is useless.   My husband's family and ours have used it for over 60 years  for any infected fingers to draw out the impurities.  We always used it on the children's fingers when they got a splinter.  We covered it overnight and in the morning it lay on the surface and so no need for needles to extract the said splinter.   We still have a very small pot of the above ointment and still works after 30 years!!   

May thanks for stocking this invaluable aid.    

Mrs S




Thank you for the Basilicon.   My father was born in 1895 and as a young man was an assistant in a chemists shop in Kidderminster hand making tablets. As a youngster I can remember there was always a pot of Basilicon Ointment in our medicine chest which we mainly used for boils and splinters.   My wife at present has an infected elbow which requires a drawing compound. That is what prompted me to purchase the Basilicon Ointment.   Kind regards


Just a quick one, was reading your site about this product. i actually have a jar handed down to me from my mother that was bought in 1959 :) and it is still the best, i use it for splinters but it is also very good for spots that are red and sore, put it on over night and in the morning its a whole lot better ;) just thought it was worth a mention. this is turely brilliant stuff, no matter how deeply the splinter is bedded a couple of repeat treatments and problem solved, lucky for me as a carpenter _________________________________________________________________________


you asked for info on what I use this for.  My mum used to put it on little splinters that couldn't be sorted out with a needle, or on grazes where my brothers and I got dirt/gravel stuck in the wound, to draw out any bits.  My husband got a tiny deep splinter at the weekend which reminded me I've always been meaning to see if I can buy any on the internet.  As I have 2 small boys it's useful to have something that can draw stuff out of little cuts and grazes.  And I got an extra tub for my mum, as our old tin of basilicon got lost.  She was delighted!! Hope this is helpful



Dear Mr Earnshaw
You ask why I have ordered Yellow Basiicon and what I use it for.  Well, as a young girl in the early 70s my uncle came over from Australia and bought with him a tub of yellow basilicon and explained to my mum that it was a must have for her medicine cabinet.  They used it over there for when they had been swimming in the barrier reef and had got little pieces of coral in their feet.  They would put some on the spot and cover it with a plaster, leave it for as long as possible; I was always taught that you didn't keep checking it, just leave it on for say 4 or 5 days and when you checked the plaster you would find it had drawn the splinter to the top of your skin and then you just pushed it out.  
When either me or my brothers & sisters got a splinter or a whitlow (my elder sister was always getting these) out came the ointment.  I still have the pot now - 40 years later, you don't need much and it still goes round the family when required.
This week at work a colleague showed me his finger and I immediately said you need some yellow basilicon on that - obivously he hadn't heard of this.  He had a whitlow, so we put some on the infected finger on Wednesday and now when I see him tomorrow I have my brand new pot and shall put another lot on.  
It is just the most amazing ointment and I wouldn't be without it. 
I wanted to say thank you for the ease at which I was able to purchase this from your website and the efficient admin from your team to have it delivered in such a timely fashion.
Thank you very much
Kind regards Linda


Dear Mr Earnshaw

My family have been using Yellow Basilican for a good many years (I remember it from when my sister and I were little – over 60 years) to draw splinters, bites and poison from wounds etc.

Recently we haven’t been able to get it and the doctors say it is unavailable.

My wife was badly bitten at the beginning of this week and when my sister said she had a very little left for us to use I decided to see if it was available on the internet, saw your website and the rest so they say is history.

We are pleased to say it arrived on Friday and we very much appreciate your prompt service.

WE will now where to come in future for more.

Best wishes



Dear John

You asked me  what experiences i had with this ointment, well we call it our magic cream! we use it for anything that needs drawing, from spots to embedded blackthorn thorns. i would never be without it, had my last pot 25 years and i was so pleased when i found you stocked it. thank you



Hello John,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply, I couldn't order quick enough!!

The only thing I can tell you about my memories of Basilicon is that it was "Always there" and it Always worked. I can hear my Mum now telling me to get the Basilicon, at least once a week, and I was always amazed when the offending objectsuch as a splinter suddenly lost its grip on me, or the dirt filled graze suddenly became so clean AND... stopped hurting!

I was brought up on a small holding with orchards, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and a pet goat, so you can imagine the scrapes I got myself into, but the magic ointment always worked. I now require it for my grandchildren who all love the great outdoors and so the cycle starts all over again!

I will most certainly be recommending your site to family and friends.

With warmest regards



As a former professional horticulturalist my husband [particularly when an apprentice] often needed to ‘draw’ a thorn or splinter from his hands, and this remedy was always the perfect answer. We have used it on horses, cats and dogs and the ointment is ideal to help soothe and heal cracked fingers.
When your parcel arrived earlier today we recommended it to my sister, [horses, bees, dogs etc etc] and hence my second order in two days.
I trust the foregoing is of help in your research




Hi Many thanks..

 I received my basilicon cream today, As a child my mother used this and I was so delighted to find your web site and have the opportunity to buy this..

The uses I know are: any kind of inflammation... splinter..bramble cuts... blackthorn.....spots..boils..cuts or infectionsthat wont heal, my son has an infected toenail (where he stubbed it)and rather than use antibiotics (with their side effects) .. I am going to use your cream..with lint to draw out the infection...

Many many Thanks.. one very happy customer...

Kind regards Tina


Dear John

Many thanks for your letter along with the yellow basilicon ointment.

You have no idea how delighted I was to find yellow basilicon ointment on your site via Google. I have been searching online for several years to no avail.

My 89 year old mother (in the UK) and I have always had this ointment in the cupboard and even the very ancient pots we still have with a tiny bit in the bottom actually work. We have tried every health shop in Northampton UK and here in the Netherlands, no-one even knew what we were talking about.

We use it for any festering, inflamed cuts or scratches or spots, cracks in fingertips or heels that are so painful, anything with pus. It's brilliant and neither I nor my mother ever found another product that worked so well.

With kind regards,



Dear John

I'd just like to say that my Mum always had a pot of Basilicon in her cupboard when we were growing up and any splinters, wicklows, boils, etc. that popped up would immediately be doused with a good blob of Basilicon and a plaster, with strict instructions not to remove till at least the next day, and like magic, the infection/splinter would disappear!    We have always sworn by the stuff and I have been trying to get hold of some for years - even wrote to Thornton & Ross who used to manufacture it - but they said they no longer made it and it just seemed to have disappeared altogether.  My Mum's little brown glass jar finally ran out (she'd had it for years and it still worked!) and we thought that was that.  Even considered making some but recipes on the internet were varied.    I was delighted therefore, when doing a search again last year, to come across your link!  My mother immediately insisted I got a pot, and my sister has now also got one.  (I just stole a little from my Mum!)  So far so good - it works like magic on nasty spots and my sister has just managed to get rid of a wicklow and a nasty little infection behind her toenail (all lovely stuff!).  We're extremely pleased - please keep making it!!   Regards CHRISTINE


Dear John

Thankyou for your prompt dispatch of the Basilicon Ointment.  I was born in 1926 and well recall that when I had a septic graze or cut my mother got out the old Basilicon ointment jar.  It usually started throbbing as it drew out the infection and then healed.

Thanks so much, nothing equals it!




Dear Sir

Having found your website I wish to purchase a pack of Yellow Basilicon Ointment. We have used this old remedy for very many years, especially as we are gardeners and occasionally encounter prickles and thorns!

This preparation seems to have disappeared from the traditional pharmacies.

With many thanks



Dear Mr Earnshaw

Thank you so much for the Yellow Basilicon Ointment, received today.

May I say how impressed I am with the speed at which my order request has been dealt with and wish to inform you that I shall indeed tell my friends that you stock Yellow Basilicon, as they too have been trying to get hold of some.

Many thanks again

Yours faithfully

S. W


Thanks very much your service is fabulous

K. N


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Yellow Basilicon Ointment contains: Yellow Beeswax, Colophony Pine resin, Olive oil and Lard.