Lavender and Hops Pillow Drops

Lavender and Hops Pillow Drops has been developed to simplify the effect of sleeping on a dried Lavender and Hop pillow which is not always very practical.

It combines the essential oils of Lavender, Hops and Geranium. Simply add one drop to the edge of your pillow or a tissue or handkerchief placed under the pillow case and see if it can help you relax.

Lavender and Hops Pillow drops contains essential oils traditionally used to help aid sleep, just add a drop to your pillow before bed. Contains: Essential oils of Lavender, Hops and Geranium.

Weight: 10ml
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Hops has long been used as a sedative and hop pickers would fall asleep as they absorbed the hop essential oil through the skin of their hands. The stupefying effect of beer is often as much down to the hops in it as it is the alcohol! Lavender is a calming relaxing herb and works well to complement the sedating effect of the hops, whilst at the same time masking its scent, as Hops alone is not a pleasant scent. We've also added a hint of Geranium to make the aroma even more relaxing. Add a few drops to a bath or massage a drop into each foot before bed. Also try our Hops Compound and Lavender and Hops Sleep Balm.