Gardeners Back Cream

Gardeners Back Cream has been especially formulated to help relieve the painful back pain obtained from a days digging and weeding.

Gardeners Back Cream can be massaged into the back after a long day bending and straining in the garden or allotment. Please note due to weight gardeners back cream comes in a plastic container and appears different to the picture displayed, the volume is the same though as is the label.

Weight: 60ml
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Gardeners Back Cream contains St John's Wort oil and tincture which has traditionally been used to treat nerve pain problems such as sciatica, Jamaican Dogwood which is often used to treat muscle spasm and nerve pain, Meadowsweet which was the original source of aspirin and has anti-inflammatory activity, Arnica which is best known for treating bruising, sprains and muscle pain, and essential oils of Lavender and Geranium which can act to relax the nervous system and release tension. Why not try our Gardeners Hand balm also.