Chilli and Comfrey Cream

Chilli and Comfrey cream is a warming cream used to help relieve joint and muscle aches and pains by helping to improve circulation to stiff joints and muscles.

Chilli and Comfrey cream is useful to help damaged aching muscles and joints, particularly after playing sports like Rugby or Football where sports injuries may occur. Frozen shoulders and elbows may benefit from application of Chilli and Comfrey cream.

Weight: 60ml
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Comfrey has traditionally been used to heal bone and connective tissues, it also has anti-inflammatory activity. The Chilli has a mild painkilling affect and can help with nerve pain as well as increasing blood flow to the area. Also contains Wintergreen which is strongly anti-inflammatory and can help to bring relief to swollen and sore muscles, ligaments and joints. The presence of Juniper essential oil also helps to stimulate circulation and is thought to help remove waste products from underlying tissues. Can be used as a useful muscle warming prelude to sporting activities.